Shuhei Iitsuka

I build websites, write papers, and make some latte art.

Shuhei creates innovative websites through logical and analytical manner. He is also a passionate lifetime learner to seek opportunities to bring machine learning technology into intelligent & effective web development.


Role: Machine Learning Engineer

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a browser-based game built with machine learning technology that uses your phone’s camera and a neural network to try and guess what it’s seeing. This is an example of creative application of "front-end" machine learning running on TensorFlow.js.

Role: Machine Learning & UX Engineer

Gboard Physical Handwriting Version is yet another input device which reads your scribble on your keyboard using machine learning technology. You don't need to remember QWERTY anymore. Just write it.

Role: Project Lead

Budou automatically translates Japanese sentences into organized HTML code with meaningful line breaks using machine learning technology. Animation credit - Responsive Device Animation

Role: Developer / Designer / Director

I built a website for Global Consumer Intelligence, a donated fund laboratory in the Univesity of Tokyo, from scratch playing my web design / engineering expertise.

Role: Developer / Designer / Director

SPYSEE is a search engine service specialized for human profiles. I worked on this website as a "growth hacker" and brought the website to the next level in a point of usability and business performance by exploiting A/B testing methodology a lot.

Role: Direction

Asia Trend Map forecasts the popularity of Japanese pop-culture contents (e.g. Manga, Anime, and Games) in Asia region. I directed the development colalborating with a Japanese engineering agency.

Role: Developer / Designer / Director

An experimental website which showcases images with a theme. See and enjoy. That's it.


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About - Shuhei Iitsuka 飯塚 修平

Shuhei Iitsuka

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UT Startup Gym

Founder of this study group which aims to produce entrepreneurs with practical web development skills from the Univresity of Tokyo.

Web Engineering and Business Model, the University of Tokyo

Assisted and gave some lectures as a TA in front of graduated students in the University of Tokyo to grow thier web development skills.

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